Transformation Through Dance Movement Therapy: Bing’s Story

This is a Blog video posting of Mommy Zeny and her testimonial for her daughter Bing. She narrates how The Heart At Play dance Movement therapy Program fills up and sustains the various needs her child required and at the same time the benefits that continue to enrich their life as a family. The video is in Filipino. There is an English  video translation below.

Bing happens to be one of The Heart At Plays distinguished and very Desirable Someone, she also has Down Syndrome, it continues to be an honor for the organization to have come to serve and continue serving this special person and her family through the years.   There truly is Hope and I shall continue to write about the other special lives that The Heart At Play  has transformed through the years.

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Mommy Zeny’s  Video Translation In English:

At the time we joined The Heart At Play, my daughter had a tight schedule for activities being a special child. There should be a lot of things to do, in the case of Bing, I made sure that every summer time, I’d look for activities because I do not want her becoming bored in such a way that her outbursts would dominate her every moment, she’d suddenly lie down on the floor and then sleep, eats without self-discipline on her part at the same time she does not feel excited and motivated because there is nothing to look forward too. I see to it that she has enough activities to do but in her case I could not find one that I feel was adequate to address her needs.
Three years ago, we were blessed by having joined The Heart At Play Dance Movement Therapy program. I can say that being affiliated with the organization from its inception has given us the opportunity to take part in all the benefits that it continues to offer likewise the different kinds of activities that sustain the needs of a special child like Bing with Down syndrome.  It is always a joyful experience to be in a therapy session, family bonding has become closer between parent and child, as a parent I have become more involved and sensitive to the needs and wants of my child. I now know what she is capable of doing and what she cannot do and most of all I know the areas where she can improve more. Because of The Heart At Plays No Child should be left behind, no one is excluded from joining the program regardless of the persons developmental disability, no one is barred from joining or taking part as long as the parent/guardian is committed to participate in the weekly sessions and other activities of The Heart At Play.
It is normal for a child with DS to have issues and problems with fine and gross motor skills, coordination and sensory integration. With the Heart of Play Program they have applied a Full Body Coordination Technique that addresses all the issues previously mentioned.  With the various movements in the program, my child’s cognitive and social skills improved tremendously.  In the past, prior to joining THP’s programs, my child would be very shy, lacks self-confidence and unable to fully express herself in the company of others due to the reason that she feels she may be doing it in a wrong manner, a typical example would be dancing and following a current trend.  Her immersion in the THP program has allowed her the freedom to express herself in an environment which is very supportive and continuously motivates them to just follow at their own pace. There is no competition amongst their peers; the program is usually in a group setting, which builds and develops their social skills likewise.  Today, my child is no longer shy as I knew her close to three years back, she readily joins school activities wherein she actively performs her role such dancing in a group. Today, it really does not matter if she moves to the beat or not, she is able to express herself confidently and always with a smile, even when she know that she has made a mistake she just keeps going at it.  There are times that she gets frustrated and would sit back, after awhile she would join the activities once more. Unlike before, when she made a mistake, no matter what prompting or pleading we would do, she would not budge and just shy away from the activity.  Today, Bing is in a transition class, for me the grades really do not matter, what is important to me is the way she has learned to behave and focus her attention to a task that has to be done, how she interacts without choosing who to interact with. When she is spoken to, she can now answer and be understood though her expressive skills are not that highly developed yet.  Today, she knows she can express herself when she is happy. As a mother, I have been witness to her improvement and transformation ever since she started joining the THP Dance Movement Therapy program for close to three years now.